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Dozer Systems is a company built by passionate people who live and breathe information security and software development. We’re the people who are constantly developing new security tools, trying out the newest software packages, and find ourselves up late at night reading about the latest tech breakthroughs. 

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Dozer Systems is a leading IT security and software development company, specializing in a wide range of services and expertise. Our passionate team is dedicated to ensuring robust information security and delivering cutting-edge software solutions. We offer the following:

Managed IT Security Services

Managed IT Security Services provide comprehensive end-to-end security services, including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, threat intelligence, and incident response, to protect your critical assets.



Custom Software Development

Our skilled software engineers develop tailored solutions to meet your specific business needs. From web and mobile applications to enterprise software, we leverage the latest technologies to deliver robust and scalable solutions.



System Sync Automation

System Sync Automation is a powerful solution designed to streamline and synchronize data across multiple systems in an automated and efficient manner. By eliminating manual data entry and reducing human error, this automation tool ensures accurate and up-to-date information across different platforms.

Cloud & Virtual DevOps

Cloud and Virtual DevOps is a cutting-edge approach that combines the benefits of cloud computing and virtualization with the principles of DevOps. It enables organizations to accelerate their software development and deployment processes, enhance collaboration, and achieve greater agility and scalability.

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