Genuity Review as a Help Desk IT Service Management

Genuity Review as a Help Desk IT Service Management


Genuity is a user-friendly IT management platform for businesses. It offers tools for tracking IT assets, network monitoring, telecom expense management, and vendor contract handling. The Help Desk is its standout feature.

TL;DR: Genuity has an impressive help desk. However, with recent price hikes, it feels like a “too good to be true” situation. Their growth has led to higher costs, leaving some clients dissatisfied.


Genuity’s service is currently priced at $29.99 per month per company, with no hidden fees*. Note the asterisk—prices will increase over the next year.

Originally, Genuity included the entire IT Management Suite (Help Desk, IT Expense Management, Contract Management, Inventory, etc.), unlimited users, and sub-companies for one price. The new structure breaks down each module with separate pricing.

This tactic, common among early-stage companies, starts with a low price, offers excellent service, and raises costs once a substantial subscriber base is established. Even with some subscriber loss, most will stay due to the hassle of switching.

You can get “grandfathered” into the current pricing by purchasing services through the Genuity marketplace. However, many companies already have setups for services offered through the marketplace, like Office 365 licenses and antivirus.

Legacy = A+
New Pricing = D


This review focuses on Genuity’s help desk module. Additional reviews for other modules will follow.

The Genuity Help Desk is feature-rich and easy to configure with your company email, automation, categories, ticket checklists, canned responses, ticket assignments, time tracking, and ticket logs. It’s clean and user-friendly, focusing solely on the help desk without unnecessary features.

The ticket flow is efficient, with filters for specific categories and an easy-to-use interface for accessing canned responses and automation. However, the mobile app needs improvement as the interface can be confusing for ticket replies. This isn’t an issue if you prefer replying via email.

Overall, the Genuity Help Desk is highly recommended and constantly evolving with new features based on user feedback.



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