Plexxis Software – ERP and WinBid Integration

Plexxis Software – ERP and WinBid Integration


In the fast-paced construction sector, efficiency and integration are critical. With its expertise in software development and managed IT services, Dozer Systems offers innovative solutions for integrating Plexxis ERP and WinBid to over 500 third-party applications to enhance workflow automation.

Plexxis: A Closer Look

Plexxis, designed for subcontractors, combines project management, accounting, estimating, and mobile apps on a unified technology stack. This setup fosters live interaction between different business areas, streamlining operations.

However, it’s crucial to address a significant aspect of Plexxis ERP and WinBid: its integration with third-party applications.

Integration Challenges with Third-Party Applications

While Plexxis products integrate seamlessly with each other, feedback from Dozer Systems customers indicates challenges in integrating Plexxis ERP with third-party applications such as BI tools (PowerBI, Qlik, Domo, etc..) or a CRM (Dynamics, PipeDrive, Hubspot), as well as storage services like SharePoint, Dropbox, and on-site storage. This can limit businesses relying on these external platforms for broader data analysis, customer relationship management, and document automation needs.

Dozer Systems: Bridging the Gap

Dozer Systems can play a vital role in mitigating these integration challenges by developing custom solutions to integrate Plexxis ERP and WinBid with popular third-party applications (Over 500 Applications!).


Case Study: Plexxis Workflow Integration

Dozer Systems recently demonstrated its prowess in integrating Plexxis ERP and Winbid into the complex workflow of a national construction company in Minnesota, showcasing a sophisticated and seamless operational model from project inception to completion.

Project Inception and Dynamics 365 Integration

  • Lead Generation and Job Creation: The integration began with leads and opportunities via Dynamics 365. Upon marking a checkbox in Dynamics 365 to indicate the start of a job, the automatic creation of a new job in Plexxis ERP was triggered.
  • Automated Document Management: Simultaneously, a new project folder was created in SharePoint, populated with pre-defined template documents and required SOPs, tailored according to the job type.

Pre-Construction Coordination and Notifications

  • Streamlined Communication: The system automatically dispatched notifications to all relevant parties, detailing pre-construction kick-off information.
  • Organized Preparations: This automation ensured that all stakeholders were promptly informed and prepared for project initiation.

Ongoing Project Management and Data Analysis

  • PowerBI Integration: Throughout the project lifecycle, all necessary data metrics, including job performance, finances, safety, and workforce headcount forecasting, were continuously fed into PowerBI dashboards.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: This integration provided real-time insights, enabling proactive management and decision-making.


This case study exemplifies how Dozer Systems’ expertise in custom software solutions and data integration can revolutionize the workflow of a national construction company. By integrating Plexxis ERP and Winbid with Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and PowerBI, Dozer Systems facilitated a streamlined, efficient, and data-driven project lifecycle, setting a new standard in construction project management.

For more information on Dozer Systems and their innovative solutions, visit Dozer Systems. To learn more about Plexxis’s capabilities, check out Plexxis.

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