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Seamless Microsoft Teams Phone Integration for the Construction Industry

Is smooth communication the foundation of your projects? At Dozer Systems, we know that in construction, every call counts. As a proud Microsoft Partner, we specialize in implementing Microsoft Teams phone systems tailored for the construction industry. Stay connected, on and off the site.

Introducing ConstruSense – Unlocking Productivity, Enhancing Safety.

Consolidate and streamline your construction data with AI, Robotics, and VR/AR integration. Experience virtual job-site walks using 360-degree cameras and advanced robot dogs. Boost productivity with automated robot dogs for precise job-site production control. Seamlessly sync data from popular software into your BI Analytics application. ConstruSense empowers informed decision-making and project success. Welcome to the future of construction efficiency and innovation.

Social Engineering Attacks: How to Recognize and Defend Against Them

Learn how to recognize and defend against social engineering attacks in this informative blog post. Enhance your cybersecurity knowledge, spot warning signs of manipulation, and implement proactive defense measures. Safeguard yourself and your organization from the insidious tactics of social engineering attackers.

Remote Desktop Technologies: Enhancing Graphic-Intensive Applications such as AutoCAD with Minimal Lag

Our team understands the unique demands of graphic-intensive applications and the importance of maintaining productivity, regardless of your location. We go beyond the limitations of traditional remote desktop technologies to fine-tune solutions specifically for applications like AutoCAD, Plexxis ERP, Winbid/RTO, On-Center Software OST/QuickBid, SketchUp, and many more.

Supercharging Support for Microsoft Products: Dozer Systems Joins Microsoft for Startups Founders Club!